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Marble Table

Oven with Tray Rack


Tray Trolley 1

Tray Trolley 2

Barbeque Section Equipment

Charcoal Barbeque Griller

Gas Barbeque Griller

Lava Stone Griller

Bulk Cooking Equipment

1 Burner Range

3 Burner Range

Brassing Pan

Bulk Fryer

Bulk Range

Bulk Storage Bain Marie

Rice Boiler

Rice Steamer

Tilting Pan

Continental Cooking Equipment

4 Burner Gas Range With Oven

6 Burner Range with Cabinet

Griddle Plate with Cabinet


Side Table

Twin Basket DFF

Indian Cooking Equipment

2 Burner Range

3 Burner Range


Gas Range

Masala Table

Wok Cleaning Sink

Work Table

Pantry & Fast Food Equipment

Electric Oven

Milk Boiler

Sandwich Griller

Tea, Coffee & Milk Dispenser

South Indian Cooking Equipment

Bain Marie

Dosa Plate

Dosa Plate with Sink & Masala Drawer

Idli Steamer (54 Idlies)

Idli Steamer (108 Idlies)

Table Top Dosa Plate

Table Top Fryer

Table Top Hot Plate

Twin Basket Fryer

Tandoor Cooking Equipment

Burning Puffer

Khicha Papad Shigdi


Romali Range

Romali Roti Counter

SS Tandoor

Table Top Chapati Plate with Puffer